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lewar sp z o. o.


Lewar limited company was registered 28.09.2005 and 01.11.2005 took over day workers from PPHU "Lewar" who brought to the company 12-year-old-experience and expertise in the crane industry. The company took over pending contracts and obligations from PPHU Lewar

Using the latest solutions until 2009 220 lifts were modernized on the basis of cooperation with well-known crane companies in the country and abroad. The company produced 500 steering plates (types: L-01 L-02, S-01, H-03), adapting them to existing cranes and efficient engines. Plates are provided with the declaration of conformity and bear the CE mark. The plates, which are relatively cheap, meet all the requirements for the safe control of cranes in the electromagnetic compatibility.

About 5,000 different items and parts of the crane were produced, 3400 being the friction wheel of all types and 60 reducing transmission R4. Inspections and repairs were made and the authorization by the Office of Technicial Inspection traffic was given, loading 250 mobile platforms.

The company has positive references from lifting companies with which it cooperates,from users of our products and the housing co-operatives where our company modernizes.

Currently, the Company is headed by a single Management Board and has 15 employees including 4 engineers and technical employees, 6 production workers employed in the production and handling installations and the other workers in trade and administration. The company aims to increase employment and broaden the scope of activities.